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Ideas and knowledge grows when they are shared.

Networking gives you a chance to meet new people — people who have experiences, stories, and ideas that can help shape your view and experience of the conference, of the world, and of African American history and genealogy.

You will be able to learn new research techniques; hear dynamic speakers and actually get an opportunity to meet them in a personal setting to ask questions; meet with vendors offering product lines to aide you in your research journey; and explore best practices in historical and genealogical research.

We learn each year from our attendees that the networking opportunities at our conference helps them turn ideas into solutions, and for many- meet a long lost relatives and childhood friends.

Visit one our many lounges to relax and introduce yourself to fellow attendees.

If you are new, please feel free to attend our First-Time Attendee Orientation session, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, we would love to learn about your journey.