In 1989, AAHGS chartered its first chapter in Columbia, Maryland. Each year since then new chapters have been chartered in new locales. Chapters meet regularly to share historical and genealogical information.

Our chapter members are passionate about the communities they represent, and the rich and diverse African American history of their communities and their ancestors who helped to build this community and their state.

Our chapter members strive to engage their community leaders and partners; to educate our youth through a variety of different programs, contests and awards; and to preserve the legacy of their historic buildings, cemeteries and artifacts.  They are constantly providing public talks, tours, and exhibitions; they provide scholarly seminars at local libraries, museums, colleges and universities and to the general public; and they are thought leaders within the communities that they represent.

If you are an individual who can meet this challenge, share this passion, or can provide quite support behind the scenes, please join one of our chapters-we always look forward to expanding our family.

If there is not a chapter in your community, why not start one

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