Journal Editorial Board

AAHGS editorial board is composed of national leaders and experts in the field of African American history and genealogy. Our editorial board members provide various functions, including representation of the Journal and outreach to the community of readers and authors served by the journal.  Like all AAHGS Executive Board members, our editorial board members and staff are committed to promoting and sustaining our Journal as premier quality publication that serious family researchers and scholars use as a main reference and place to publish their most important works. 

Editorial Board

Karim Aldridge-Rand, M.A
Robert A. Bellinger, Ph.D.
William Durant  
Dr. Elaine Edwards
Sandra El-Amin, Ph.D. 
Natonne Elaine Kemp
Mashadi Matabane, Ph.D. 
Khadijah Mateen, Ed. D., Vice President for Genealogy
Ric Murphy, Vice President for History
Stella Pierce, Ed. D.
Stephanie Powers, M.A., MBA
LaDwandra Robbs 
Renate Sanders
Francine Taylor, MSLS
Audrey Whittaker


Journal Editorial Staff

Paula Whatley Matabane, Ph.D., Director of Publications and Senior Editor
William Durant, Copy Editor
Alison Barnes, Website Supervisor