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Rules and Conditions

Any author submitting their book(s) to the International AAHGS Book Awards agree that their book will be judged by the International AAHGS Book Awards Team (volunteers) and that the author is not guaranteed an award, prize, or publicity in return for the entry fee. Author understands that awards are based upon merit and not because the author buys promotion or any goods real or imagined from the International AAHGS Book Awards and/or its sponsors, and the judges’ decisions are subjective and final.             

Books (either the print or eBook) must have a publication date within the guidelines publicly stated. We prefer the publication date on the eBook, but we can accept a print publication date that meets guidelines as long as we receive a digital copy at the time of submission and an eBookis published on Amazon at a reasonable time after the cut-off date. Re-issued books that retain an old, out of publication date will not be accepted.             

Author authorizes the International AAHGS Book Awards and their associates’ permission to read and judge his or her work, and will not hold them responsible for any damages seen or imagined due to not winning an award or prize. All works will be judged on the file submitted–no updated files will be accepted. Author further gives the International AAHGS Book Awards and its sponsors permission to post his or her book cover, excerpts, or use of author’s name for publicity purposes during and after the contest. Author agrees that the judges are not obligated to “review” , “edit”, or “critique” said book(s). We reserve the right to update the rules at any time.