AAHGS Journal Submission Guidelines

PUBLICATION POLICY: Manuscripts are considered for publication if they are not under publication review elsewhere. Parts of previously published materials, such as maps or illustrations included in a manuscript cannot be used without written permission of the author and/or copyright holder. Written verification granting permission to use copyrighted material must accompany the manuscript when it is submitted.

AAHGS does not assume responsibility for errors of fact or misrepresentations made by our contributors.  All authors should strive to produce manuscripts that ascribe to the five general rules and concepts of the genealogical proof standard.  Submissions will be read and evaluated for publication by at least two members of the Journal Editorial Board. If necessary, articles may be returned to authors to make changes recommended by reviewers.  All submissions will be subjected to copyediting and proofreading. Final decision for publication rests with Journal Editor.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Manuscripts submitted for consideration should conform to one of the following stylebooks:


Each author must submit a cover page that includes


After the cover page, all submissions must include an abstract of 100 – 150 words (maximum) briefly describing what the article is about, what it studied, what data or resources were used, what was discovered.

On same page as abstract include five to ten keywords.


TABLES: Articles of a statistical nature (e.g., census enumeration transcriptions, abstracts of tax lists) should be accompanied by a statement of the historical, social, or economic causes or implications and/or analysis of the data presented. Tables must be typed on separate pages, entitled. and numbered with Roman numerals. The table should be cited in the text of the manuscript.

PICTURES and GRAPHICS: Digital photos should be submitted separately in high resolution TIFF or JPG format.  Please contact the Editor if assistance is needed with high resolution scanning. Camera-ready copy of pictures or graphics must be submitted as separate documents not embedded within the manuscript. The manuscript must include suggested locations for each picture or graphic.  Do NOT embed photos or graphics in the Word document.

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2022

Submit to: journal@aahgs.org