Journal Guidelines for Submitting Journal Articles

PUBLICATION POLICY: Manuscripts are considered for publication if they are not under publication review elsewhere.  Parts of previously published materials, such as maps or illustrations included in a manuscript cannot be used without written permission of the author and/or copyright holder.  Written verification permission to use copyrighted materials must accompany the manuscript when it is submitted.

AAHGS does not assume responsibility for errors of fact or misrepresentations made by our contributors.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: All submissions must be sent electronically using email or a digital file-sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Manuscripts are to be sent as separate MICROSOFT WORD documents; photographs and graphics are to be sent as separate high resolution JPG or TIFF files, and not embedded within the Microsoft Word document.  Authors must be able to convey publishing rights of all materials submitted for publication.  Hard copies will not be accepted for consideration and will be returned only if sender sends a self-addressed stamped envelope..


1.   Each submission must include a COVER PAGE that includes the following information for EACH AUTHOR. (If multiple authors, please indicate who should be contacted regarding paper.)

2.   An abstract of 150-words should follow the cover page on a separate page, along with seven to 10 keywords and or phrases.  For suggestions on writing an abstract click here.

3.   Body of submission, not to exceed 15 pages including ENDNOTES.  Paper should be typed in a standard 12-point type font preferably Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides.  Avoid abbreviations and signs like “%” or “&” unless you are quoting their use in a primary source.  All pages except cover page, abstract page, and first page of the article are to be numbered.

4.   For guidance on format of citations, endnotes, bibliographies, lists, numbers, etc. please consult:

5.   Articles of a statistical nature (i.e. enumerations of various types -- cemeteries, tax lists, census, etc.), and issuing/reissuing of historical manuscripts previously published and never published like letters, books, diaries not written by submitter, must be accompanied by an essay describing the historical, social, economic or genealogical significance of the data presented.

6.   Tables cited in the text should be presented on separate pages, numbered with Roman numerals; indicate where they should be placed within the text.

7.   Indicate the suggested location for each photo or graphic submitted.


Material Acceptable for Publication


All submissions will be sent out for review by two members of the Journal Editorial Board.  Our goal is to have an initial response to authors within four weeks of submission.  Reviewers will recommend whether or not an article should be published as submitted or with minor revisions, rejected until significant revisions are made, or rejected as not appropriate for the Journal.

Send all submissions to: