Guidelines for Submitting Article to AAHGS News

AAHGS News readers are actively encouraged to submit original materials for publication in the newsletter.  Submission requirements are listed below.  These guidelines supersede all previous guidelines issued for AAHGS News.

  1.  All contributions for AAHGS News must be submitted electronically -- by email or a digital file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive.  Submissions are to be sent as separate Microsoft Word documents; photographs and graphics are to be sent as separate high-resolution jpg or tiff files and not embedded within the Microsoft Word document.  Authors must be able to convey the publishing rights of all materials submitted for publication.  Hard copies will not be accepted for consideration and will be returned only if the sender sends a self-addressed stamped envelop.
  2. Submissions should be well-written, proofread, and fact-checked with proper citations where necessary. 
  3. Submissions, generally, will run 200 - 450 words.  Photographs and graphics are welcomed.
  4. All submissions are subject to editorial change and proofreading.  We do not guarantee that authors will have a chance to review changes before publication due to time constraints.  All submissions may not be accepted for publication, and publication of some accepted articles may be delayed for a later publication date.  Authors will be informed of the status of their submissions; inquiries about submissions are welcomed and answered promptly.
  5. The newsletter is interested in stories about the activities and events of chapters and members; historical commemorations both local and national, interviews, research strategies, enumerations, photo essays, genealogies; reviews of books, films, software, blogs; lists of research resources, and more.
  6. Submission deadlines are:

10 Dec (Jan/Feb/Mar issue)

10 Mar (Apr/May/June issue)

10 June (July/Aug/Sep issue)

10 Sep (Oct/Nov/Dec issue)



Submissions may be sent in digital or electronic format to The AAHGS Publications Department at  The above guidelines supersede any other previous AAHGS News guidelines.