New Initiatives

AAHGS is most fortunate to have our nation's premier African American historians and genealogists working with and in our local chapters. 

Our chapters are committed to preserving our legacy through historical and genealogical research and preservation. Each year our chapters and our members launch new initiatives that preserve our American legacy.

For 2017, the following are just a few of our New Initiatives: 

  1. Building AAHGS Family Database
  2. Identifying African American cemeteries nationwide
  3. Developing Teacher Resource Guides
  4. Building a National Travel Guide for African American Historians and Genealogists
  5. Developing a Virtual Collection of Family Genealogies
  6. Digitizing historic Books and Manuscripts

As you can see, we are really very busy in bringing to the public information the rich African American experience that has made America the great country it is today. 

But we need your help, please attend a chapter meeting, or join a chapter and lend a helping hand. We need your support in preserving our legacy.