Commemorative Journal Ad Submission Guidelines

Join the AAHGS commemoration of the landing of the first documented Africans in English North America 400 years ago by celebrating YOUR African American family, organization, institution, or AAHGS chapter in a special commemorative edition of the 2019 AAHGS Journal exploring 1619-2019. This is a unique opportunity to tout the resiliency of African American life in a beautiful full-page ad featuring a photo of your family, organization, institution, or AAHGS chapter with commentary of 150 words or less detailing their history, achievements, journey, etc. This one-time opportunity is open to members and non-members. Each ad costs $110. Smaller ad sizes are not available.


Terms of Agreement

  1. All materials and payment in full must be submitted online at
  2. Photographs must be uploaded online as JPG file. Only one photograph per ad is allowed.
  3. Commentary not to exceed 150-words per ad.
  4. Individuals may purchase as many ads as they wish. There are no discounts for multiple ads.
  5. All ads are full page and cost $110. There are no refunds on published ads.
  6. If an ad is paid for and not published, submitter will receive a full refund of $110.
  7. Only one family or institution may be included in each ad.
  8. Submit clear and simple commentary to identify submitter, the group shown in the photo including place, date (if known) of photo and very briefly interesting historical facts, achievements, etc. not to exceed 150 words.
  9. Submitter agrees that commentary may be edited for length, accuracy, style, and presentation.
  10. Due to time constraints, ads will not be returned to submitters for approval before publication.
  11. Submitter acknowledges that he or she has the authority to give Journal permission to publish photographs and commentary in AAHGS Journal and post on AAHGS website for use in promotions.
  12. Submitter retains copyright to all photographs and commentary.
  13. AAHGS Journal is not responsible for errors (factual, spelling, etc.) in copy provided by submitter.
  14. All photos will be rendered in black and white for printing in a template chosen by Journal production editor. Color photos will be in color in AAHGS Journal online only.
  15. Submitter’s name, mailing address, telephone number, and AAHGS affiliation (If any) must be submitted. AAHGS will send one hard copy of Journal to mailing address provided by submitter. Addresses will not be printed in the Journal.
  16. With the purchase of each full-page ad, purchaser will receive one hard copy of the 2019 AAHGS Journal in the mail. Additional copies may be bought online at Amazon.
  17. AAHGS Journal is posted online for AAHGS members only.
  18. AAHGS Journal reserves the right to refuse publication of materials deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with this ad campaign or AAHGS’ mission. If an ad is not published, a full refund shall be made to buyer.
  19. Ads will be presented in the Journal according to the order in which they were received.

By submitting an ad, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the above terms for the Majestic Campaign.

All ads must be submitted and paid for in full on or before June 10, 2019.