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2019 International
AAHGS Book Award Winners


Children: Educational

Forced American Heroes: Coloring and Activity Book Volume 2

Janelle McDowell
(CreateSpace Independent Publisher)

Children: General

Simone Visits the Museum

Dr. Keisi Bracmort
(Mayhew Pursuits LLC Publishing)

Historical-Fiction: Historical Event/Era

Fate & Freedom: Book III – On Troubled Waters

K. I. Knight
(First Freedom Publishing LLC)

Non-Fiction: Biography

Baltimore Civil Rights Leader Victorine Q. Adams the Power of the Ballot

by Dr. Ida E. Jones
(History Press)

Non-Fiction: Autobiography

Chance or Circumstance?: A Memoir and Journey
Through the Struggle for Civil Rights

by James R. Mapp

Non-Fiction: Current Events/
Social Change Event/Era

If I Survive: Fredrick Douglas and Family in the Walter O. Evans Collection

by Celeste-Marie Bernier and Andrew Taylor
(Edinburgh University Press)

Non-Fiction: Education/ Academic

In Search of Purity: Popular Eugenics & Racial Uplift
Among New Negroes 1915-1935

by Shantella Y. Sherman
(Create Space Independent Publishers)

Non-Fiction: Genealogy

The Thompson Family: Untold Stories from the Past (1830-1960) 

by Dr. Walter B. Curry, Jr.
(Amazon Digital Services)

Non-Fiction: Historical

Dred Scott: The Inside Story

by David T. Hardy
(Independent Publisher)

Non-Fiction: Military

Rear Admiral Larry Chambers, USN:
First African American to Command an Aircraft Carrier 

by Ric Murphy
(McFarland & Company Publishers)

Non-Fiction: Regional/History Genealogy

Finding Otho: The Search for our Enslaved Williams Ancestors

by Kathy Lynne Marshall
(Kanika Art and Books Publishing)

Non-Fiction: Religion/Philosophy

From Carefree to Caregiver: A 31 Day Devotional to Balance,
Encourage, and Support You in Your New Role

by Teraleen R. Campbell
(Pen Legacy Publisher)

Non-Fiction: Short Stories

Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery and the Legacy of Margaret Garner

by Delores M. Walters and Mary E. Frederickson
(University of Illinois Press)

Poetry: General

Southern Roads and Selected Poems

by Karl W. Carter, Jr.
(Independent Publishers)