Each nomination must be accompanied by a written justification, documented on the AAHGS Awards Nomination Form, and attached via email to the Awards Committee Chairperson. Only financial members of AAHGS, i.e., members who have paid both national and local dues for the current calendar year, may submit nominations. The nomination form must be complete. Verbal or supplemental information, outside of the written documentation submitted, will not be accepted. You will receive an email acknowledgement within 3 days of receipt of the written nomination. Please contact the Awards Committee Chairperson if you do not receive an email confirmation.

The written justification must be clear and concise, and provide specific, measurable examples of accomplishments based solely on the criteria for the respective award.  Attach justification to the awards nomination form (maximum 3-page attachment). Use Microsoft Word and set text to 12-point Times New Roman font. Include significant, measurable achievements based solely on the specific criteria for the award..

The Awards Committee will carefully evaluate each nomination based strictly on the criteria and forward its recommendations to the Executive Committee for final selection. Awards will be presented in the fall at the AAHGS National Conference.

Please contact the Awards Committee Chairperson if you have any further questions.