To provide an organized and shared procedure for the process of informing the membership of the passing from this realm, a beloved member into the Eternal Ancestral Chapter.

The Bereavement Committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson,

Co-Chairperson, and a designated membership of five persons. The Committee will report to the national President.

When a transition occurs, the Chairperson of the Bereavement Committee shall be notified by the chapter President, or in the case of a non-chapter affiliated member, a family member immediately. If the Chairperson is not available, the Co-Chairperson should be contacted or, alternatively, another Committee Member. This person will then begin the formal notification process to the national membership via the Bereavement Notification.

The Bereavement Committee shall coordinate the national response and acknowledgement of the ancestral transitions legacy.

A “ready list” will be compiled of persons willing to serve on the Bereavement Committee. A master list of Members will be maintained, alternatives appointed, responsibilities listed, contact information must be current and maintained.


The Bereavement Committee shall submit a written report during each scheduled Board of Directors meeting, and a comprehensive annual report for conference.