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Ric Murphy, B.S., M.U.A., S.E.F.

RIC MURPHY is the National Vice President for History, for the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, and is an educator, historian, scholar, and lecturer who has presented throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. As an award winning author and highly acclaimed historian, Murphy explores the roles and rich contributions made by African Americans in United States history. His books have received over twenty awards and citations, including six for his most recent book, The Biography of Rear Admiral Larry Chambers, USN: First African American to Command and Aircraft Carrier, McFarland Publishers. His completed book, The History of Virginia’s First Documented Angolans, is expected to be published by The History Press in the spring of 2020, to be followed by a more detailed account of the lives and stories of the so called “20 and Odd” Angolans. He recently chaired AAHGS’s 400th Commemoration Commission, bringing attention to the arrival of the first documented Africans in English North America in 1619, at Point Comfort in the Virginia colony; and helped to guide the organization in recording the historic contributions and achievements of Americans of African descent over a four hundred year period. He has served in elected and appointed positions within state and local governments, and has taught and lectured at the post-secondary level. He has served as Chairman of the Board of several private and community based organizations; on numerous national, local and not-for-profit Boards of Directors; on countless Advisory Boards to community-based organizations and not-for-profits; and has received numerous national awards for his public activism and community work. His family lineage dates to the earliest colonial periods of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and of Jamestown, Virginia. Mr. Murphy’s lineage has been evaluated and accepted by several heredity societies, including the Daughters of the American Revolution; the National Society of the Sons of Colonial New England; the Sons of the American Revolution; the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War; and the Sons and Daughters of the U. S. Middle Passage. Mr. Murphy was a Fellow at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government; and he has a Masters in Urban Affairs from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts. Contact Info: